Fit America has been helping people lose weight since 1992. After ma huang was removed from the market in 2004, I have been diligently trying to formulate a product that was as effective as Fit America’s original formula.

I’VE FOUND IT! Unfortunately, the formula I have found was not create by me! But, because my goal has always been to put my client’s success first, I want to share it with you.

The product is called TAVALA TRIM. It comes in a great tasting drink that you drink in the morning and it will control your appetite while burning fat all day long! I have found this drink to be so powerful, I actually drink half thesuggested dosage daily and have the same great effect! I lost 4 lbs in 3 days and continue to lose almost a pound daily! Friends and family are having the same great results.

I have included the nutritional information for this product here on my website. It comes in easy-to-use packets or capsules, so you can take it when you travel too!

CONTROL is the partner product with TRIM. It contains no stimulants, is a berberine product, helps with normalizing blood sugar, enhances weight loss and helps you avoid plateaus.

Berberine is classified as an alkaloid, which are chemicals produced by plants that are known for their powerful and often mysterious effects on the human body. Scientists recently discovered that berberine can “unlock” a metabolic key that helps to keep your blood sugar in the healthy range. Berberine effectively monitors your blood sugar levels and springs into action to keep them in check at the first sign that they are starting to creep up towards the high side of normal.

I suggest you follow the same, easy, Fit America eating plan… you can click on the guide for a reminder and I know you will be as successful as I have been.  Feel free to contact me if you have questions!

All the best!




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