The Fastest Growing Weight Loss and Wellness Company Since 1992

The Fastest Growing Weight Loss and Wellness Company Since 1992

Debi Davis & Fit America

Debi Davis founded Fit America, one of the fastest growing companies in the weight loss and wellness industry in 1992 after personally losing 85 pounds in six months. While going through a divorce, Debi started her company with funds she obtained by pledging her Rolex watch as collateral.

Now viewed as an expert in weight loss and nutrition, Working Woman magazine recognized Fit America as one of America’s top 500 women-owned businesses. Debi was awarded Ernst & Young “Entrepreneur of the Year Award” in 1999 for health. In May 2000, Fit America was recognized by the independent research firm MarketData Enterprises as number ten in the top ten weight loss clinic businesses in the United States.

When the dietary supplement industry changed in 2003, Fit America MD became a web-based supplement program. In 2009, recognizing the nation’s weight epidemic, the public’s rapidly growing concerns about health issues and the increased difficulty people had with weight loss specifically, Debi redirected Fit America back into the medical arena, re-launched her historically successful “original formula” that could be properly monitored through heath care professionals and required the assistance of doctors to properly assist patients with the diagnosis and resolution of weight and weight–related health issues.

Debi touches lives through her many books and nationally published articles. She started as a means to help companies help their employees help themselves and is very proud of the comprehensive topics and materials covered by this positive and informational wellness initiative. Much of this same wellness platform is continued through the Fit America Wellness model today.

Fit America, a Florida based company, is committed to its clients and the doctors that serve them. Its quest for the finest and most efficacious formulas is never-ending.

Debi believes in giving back to the community and serves the corporate board for Boys & Girls Clubs of Broward County, is an executive board member for Junior Achievement, is part of the development team for her church and is active in numerous other civic organizations.

“Belief in oneself is essential for success,” she says. “Sometimes, when things look the grimmest is when the strength and determination that lives deep inside each and every one of us has an opportunity to emerge. God gives us many gifts. We simply need to have the faith and belief in our ability to succeed and utilize the gifts He gives us.”