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We at respect the privacy of our customers and the “VISITORS” to our site. “VISITORS” refers to anyone who visits any of the Fit America websites. Our website includes three main technologies pertaining to your privacy known as “cookies”, “forms” and “forums”.

Our site uses cookies in order to operate our checkout and sales system. These cookies keep information about your selections temporarily in YOUR computer. This information is used by our system to save your options on the site but it collects non-personal information from your options.

At Fit America, we might ask you to fill forms in order to contact us or to give us some information. This information will be saved on our databases and can qualify you for special offers, newsletters or recent company news. The information you provide to Fit America is always under strict privacy and we will not share it outside the Fit America circle of companies, websites and stores.

Always be careful when you are online as you would when you are offline with your personal information. Any changes to this policy will be promptly sent to you via email and displayed on this page.

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