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How Does The Fit Weight Loss Program Work?

Healthy EatingFit America is a “No Diet” weight loss system that promotes realistic, health eating. Because we encourage you to eat the same way during the weight loss process as you will eat after your overweight is lost, there will be no reason to gain weight back.

We encourage a high protein, low starchy carb eating plan. You may drink alcohol during your weight loss program.

5 easy steps to make weight loss much more effective:

Weight Loss Fit Diet Program

  1. Stop Dieting and Eat Realistically. Do not make drastic food changes that cannot be maintained long-term. Sweets, cheeses and snack foods are obvious areas that can most likely be adjusted. There is no advantage to eliminating items from any daily menu while trying to lose weight if those items will be eaten again when the desired weight goal has been achieved.
  2. Food Rotation. Rotate all foods every 24 hours. If chicken is eaten on Monday, avoid it on Tuesday. This rule applies to everything consumed, even those things that do not have any calories. Lettuce is an excellent example. If you eat iceberg lettuce on Monday, you should have bibb lettuce on Tuesday and romaine on Wednesday. The change will keep your metabolic level much more active and your body functioning more efficiently.
  3. Drink Water. Water is the only liquid that will flush fats out of the body. Water beverages such as coffee or tea are not water. Soda is not water. Everyone must drink six to eight, 8-ounce glasses of water daily to eliminate the fats the body is breaking down. If you are having problems drinking water, drink it through a straw; you will drink two to three times more than drinking directly from a glass.
  4. Food Trading. Many food alternatives high in protein or low in fat calories can be substituted for food containing less desirable characteristics. Once educated about alternative foods, it is a lot easier to make smart choices. Grate your cheese, don’t slice it. Eat sugar-free popsicles or fat-free frozen yogurt instead of ice cream. Eat fat-free pretzels, not chips. Eat whole grains and avoid white starches; a sweet potato is better than a white potato, wild or brown rice is better than white rice. At any level, for any kind of food category, there is an alternative that is both satisfying and better for you.
  5. Don’t Deny Yourself. This is probably the most important step. No matter what food item is craved, be sure to include a serving or two of it in your meal planning for the week. It is human nature to eventually binge on those items we try to completely avoid until we have satisfied the body’s craving.

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  • In this age of over-stress and limited time, many Americans are doing as little as possible on their time off. Unfortunately, researchers now warn that more than 60% of today’s Americans are subjecting themselves to many epidemic-related conditions and diseases that have recently escalated as a result of people’s sedentary behavior.

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  • Vitamins Help Fight Wrinkle War. Now you can fight the aging process from the inside with vitamin fortification. According to a recent article in the Los Angeles Times, antioxidants, primarily vitamins E, C and beta-carotene, taken orally have become the wonder non-drugs of the decade, apparently neutralizing the effects of oxidation by free radicals. Oxidation in the body is likened to a rusting process and can cause damage to cells both internally and externally.

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  • Ethnic Women Burn Calories More Slowly. Fit America is a program that tailors itself to each individual client. Many different cultures have characteristics that cause them to have more resistance to weight loss than others.

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