Fit America Weight Loss and Diet Program

We Are Committed to Our Clients and the Doctors that Serve Them

The Fit America Weightloss and Diet Program

Fit America, the Weight Loss Leader since 1992, has put into practical practice through medical professionals, all the tools, tips & techniques that experts have identified for the last twenty five years to help you easily and painlessly lose weight and maintain your loss. We are committed to our clients and the doctors that serve them. Our quest for the finest and most efficacious formulas is never-ending.

When your body is overweight, it affects every organ, every joint and every system throughout your anatomy. In order to control weight, all body functions must be in proper balance. The Personal Health Diagnostic is a wonderful tool that we use to help identify each individual’s problem areas, then we help you address those areas in a very systematic way.

Fit America is about eating real food. We don’t believe in calorie counting or weighing portions… all calories are NOT alike! You must eat to lose or your body will go into starvation mode and hoard fat to replace missed meals.

Daily eating guidelines are simple:

  • Unlimited protein (chicken, seafood, lean red meat) A minimum of 10-12 ounces daily
  • Unlimited fruits & vegetables
  • 1 dairy item
  • 2 starchy carbohydrates
  • Drink water
  • Take your supplements… the program really is that EASY!