Check Out Those Melons!

MelonsThe Berkley Wellness Letter reminds us that when we’re watching our weight but want a little something for dessert, think melons.  A serving of melon (1 cup sliced) is usually only about 60 calories.  Cantaloupe, honeydew, and watermelon are the most common and a welcome addition to other fruits, snacks and fruit smoothies.  Cantaloupe is on your ‘unlimited’ list where the other melons are restricted to every other day.  Some customers report that freezing small chunks of cantaloupe make a frozen dessert similar in flavor to Italian ice.  So….FREEZE THOSE MELONS TOO!

Sensitive Sports For Diabetics

Sports for DiabeticsSelecting the right exercise for you is critical both from an enjoyment factor as well has from a health perspective. If you don’t like what you’re doing, you won’t be motivated to continue. But, if what you do is not good for your health, other options should be reviewed. For example, diabetics need to exercise to help transport glucose into cells and reduce blood-sugar buildup. Read more »

Why Carbs Make You Fat

Why Carbs Make you FatCarbohydrates, like breads, pasta, rice, potato, corn, etc., are your body’s energy source.  When you do not expend enough energy daily to burn up the excess carbs you may be eating, the sugar produced by them turns to fat.  A high carbohydrate – low protein – low fat diet will result in excess fat storage, sweet cravings, energy lows, mood swings, constant hunger and a slower metabolism.

Using protein for energy allows your metabolism to burn more fat and, ultimately provides you with more than twice the energy of carbohydrates.  One way to determine if you’re eating too many carbohydrates is evaluate if you are able to go 4 hours without eating.  If you cannot,  chances are that your carb intake is too high.  Remember, it takes 15 minutes of jogging for the body to burn off a single slice of bread.  Eat a balanced diet that includes all food groups but stop making carbohydrates your focus. Read more »

Trainers Make Great Workout Buddies

Personal TrainerIf you’re the kind of person that hates to workout alone, you can find the best informed, most motivational and success driven workout partner right in your gym…THE PERSONAL TRAINER! Just about every fitness center has trainers available that can help you through your workout and give you additional dietary tips that will be specific for your exercise and body management plans. They are a wealth of information and have the same goal you do…TO SEE YOU SUCCEED! Read more »

Burn Fat All Day!

Woman Standing with DumbbellsTiming is everything and that applies to maximizing your body functions also. When and how you eat is just as important as when and how you exercise. Balance and efficiency is the key. If you want your body to be the most efficient fat-burning machine possible, just follow this schedule. If it is initially too regimented for you, ease into it slowly. Change is not difficult when it’s managed correctly. Finding an eating and exercise pattern you’re comfortable with can become an automatic part of your life in as little as 12 weeks. You can do whatever you decide you can do.

So, how does this sound… Read more »

Don’t Hide The Pain

Dont Hide The PainEasing into a workout regiment is the best way to give your body time to acclimate to your new workout routine. Over-exercising can leave you exhausted instead of invigorated. It can also over-tax muscles leaving you sore, stiff and even hurt. For some, “no pain means no gain.” But working your body into a state of depletion isn’t the answer either – it can be very damaging.

Always stretch before and after your workouts. You always want to warm up before you begin exercising so you’re not shocking your muscles. Increase weight levels slowly rather than trying to be superhuman which could cause physical damage. If you do find yourself hurting, use alternating ice and heat on the injured areas. Aspirin can also be a pain reliever but you don’t want to mask the pain you are feeling either. If you eliminate pain with pain medications and continue to work out, you could be permanently damaging your muscles. When you hurt, your body is speaking to you. Listen to what it has to say… It’s a lot smarter than we are!

All Calories Are Not Created Equal

Not All Calories Created EqualSometimes more fat means a healthier diet and better weight loss results!

Fit America has never believed in counting calories because we feel it perpetuates a preoccupation with food in addition to the fact that all calories are not alike. Eating 500 calories of lean meat will not have the same negative impact on your body as eating 500 calories of candy. Not only will the meat process more efficiently through your system while generating your metabolic processes, it will help you feel full and control your appetite better. The sugar from the candy, on the other hand, will actually stimulate your hunger causing you to want to eat more. The higher the sugar content in food, the higher the insulin level they produce. High insulin levels result in weight gain by directing the body to store glucose (sugar) as fat and slow the fat breakdown for energy. Read more »

Concentrated Exercise Won’t Remove Love Handles

Woman Tying Measuring Tape Around Her WaistMost of us have been under the impression that we can concentrate our exercise efforts to tone and burn fat from specific areas of the body. Not true. You need to exercise your entire body in order to even stimulate the fat burning process.

If the removal of cellulite or love handles is your goal, over-training in those specific areas will NOT do the trick. Removing unwanted fat can only be accomplished by re-balancing the entire body. A complete, integrated program of exercise, coupled with proper eating, will stimulate fat stores and allow the body to eliminate it.

Muscles should be worked in groups. Aerobic exercises should be done separately (perhaps as a warm-up) from your weight training. It is always good to initially utilize the services of a professional trainer so they can show you how to work out properly. You can target specific areas that you want to either build up or diminish in size. But, in order to see results in your hips, for example, you may need to work specific areas in your legs or upper torso.

Dining Out – Keep Fast-Food Fast and Fat-Free!

Fast Food Fat FreeIt isn’t realistic of us to think we can zip by fast-food restaurants daily and never pull in.  Just because food is fast and convenient doesn’t mean it can’t be good for you.  It’s true that the majority of foods traditionally consumed in these places were mayo-packed burgers and greasy fries, but that is no longer the case.  Sure, lots of fat is available (if  that’s what you’re looking for), but most fast-food chains have addressed consumer awareness and offer healthier fare.  If fast-food is your thing, take a look at these options and the places we recommend, based on the fat content of their food.  Overall, you’ll have to pick and choose your restaurants based on what you feel like eating.   Read more »

Are You “Relaxing” Yourself To Death?

Young Woman Sitting and Holding a Cup of CoffeeIn this age of over-stress and limited time, many Americans are doing as little as possible on their time off.  Unfortunately, researchers now warn that more than 60% of today’s Americans are subjecting themselves to many epidemic-related conditions and diseases that have recently escalated as a result of people’s sedentary behavior.

Well over 50% of Americans are overweight and in danger of obesity.  But, “SeD” which is short for “Sedentary Death Syndrome” is becoming a national concern to medical professionals.  It does not take much to break this inactivity cycle.  Only 3 hours a week of brisk walking or minor exercise will decrease your risk of SeD by more than 30%.  So, GET MOVING!