A Safe and Effective Weight Loss Program for your Patients

Welcome to Fit America

Fit America has been successfully helping people lose weight and get healthy since 1992. Providing your patients with a safe and effective weight loss program right inside your office enables them to receive the utmost care and have the confidence they need to be successful.

We provide training tools

Fit America provides you and your staff with all the training tools and nutritional information you need to ensure your patient’s success. Our Fit America Wellness Team will also work with you and your staff to help support patients and answer questions that may arise.

Secure online system

The Fit America system is fully automated so you and your office staff will be able to login with a secure password and process patient prescriptions and supplement needs.

No inventory required

All prescriptions for RX Caps or nutritional supplements such as vitamins will be processed through our compound pharmacy and shipped directly to the patient. No inventory is needed to be stocked at your office. Your office will place each prescription order online, including the patient’s credit card, and processing with be automated.

HIPAA compliant

Our system is HIPAA compliant and totally confidential.

Personal Health Diagnostic

The PHD is a questionnaire that the patient completes online in your office or at home, which identifies eating habits, lifestyle, medication use and family history.

It was created by doctors and psychologists and was designed to provide you and your patient with insight as to the patient’s physical health and weight challenges. It also identifies nutritional deficiencies that are likely to be present due to medication use and lists the nutrients that can be replenished through diet and vitamin supplementation.

The report the patient will receive, and is encouraged to share with you, is a result of the profile that they complete online and will provide suggestions to help resolve problem areas, improve health, increase personal performance, lose weight and enable them to feel great.